Construction Window Cleaning


New Construction Window Cleaning:
New Construction window cleaning is more necessary than many people would assume.  A residence is no doubt dirties during the construction or reiteration stage.  Even thought the windows are new when installed, the construction environment can devastate the windows new appearance.  Newly installed windows come in contact with paint overspray, stucco, drywall compound, mortar, mud, dirt, and more.  New construction window cleaning is probably without a doubt the hardest form of window cleaning.  Our window cleaners are trained and have experience required to work smooth and effectively to bring these windows back to their new state.


The most effective tool when restoring new windows to their original appearance is a professional grade window cleaning scraper.  Note: used incorrectly, scrapers can permanently damage windows.  Used correctly, the scraper will easily remove paint overspray, stucco, drywall compound, mortar, and stickers.  Next, Radiant Window Cleaning prepares for new constructions windows by modifying and strengthening the solution.  Adding more Green Logic will make the solution more effective.  Because the windows are twice as dirty, it often requires the windows to be cleaned more than once. Therefore, scraping the windows and squeegeeing them clean is step one, and step two is re-cleaning the window with the fortified solution.


Pricing, Estimates and Quotes:

New construction pricing differs and jobs are bid case-by-case.  We are glad to provide free estimate information for budgeting purposes either over the phone or via email.  All estimates are provided in a price-range form, and should not be considered a hard quote.  Radiant Window Cleaning also offers free in-person quotes, and will show up to the jobsite on time and presentable.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to schedule your appointment.




“The crew kept it clean. Windows look good, and the price was right.”