Radiant Window Cleaning FAQ's Page

Why Window Cleaning is Important?
Over time glass can become permanently damage from a variety of contaminants if regular maintenance is avoided.  Hard minerals from sprinkler systems, building run-off, and oxidization from windows encased in metal frames and screens can permanently damage windows. Hard water is the biggest threat to windows, whether they are commercial buildings or residential homes. The cost to replace permanently damaged windows can be avoided by regularly cleaning the exterior window surface.  Clean windows is also part of adequate maintenance, and reflects a professional and clean image.  To reduce unnecessary expenses and keep a quality image, contact Radiant Window Cleaning.


Why Choose Radiant Windows?
Radiant Window Cleaning seeks to deliver value to our customers with a window cleaning service second to none.  During tough economic times customers need to achieve value in every purchase they make and be able to easily see that value.  Radiant Window Cleaning recognizes this reality, and earns the customer’s business with its customer centered philosophy that delivers on quality, professionalism, and efficiency.

What differentiates Radiant Window Cleaning from its competitors is simple; our work reflects that fact that we CARE enough to take the extra steps.  We recognized that there is no room to be second best.  We continually re-analyze and assess our performance to ensure our technique, products, and safety standards are superior.  Our customer-centered philosophy has made Radiant Windows a quality focus company, opposed to quantity driven.  Because exceeding customer’s expectations is responsible for the success Radiant Window Cleaning has achieved, we gladly take the extra steps.  Exceeding customer expectations matched with competitive prices is how Radiant Window Cleaning showcases Value You Can See, with a Reputation You Can Trust.


Selling Your Home?

Of the many tasks that go into selling a home, cleaning windows inside and out is listed at the top of the list to make your house sparkle.  This link will help you brush up on what it takes to sell your home ASAP.  If you choose to have your home pressure washed, it is our recommendation that it be done prior to window cleaning.  Only having your home pressure washed will leave the windows looking atrocious.  Removing screens is another great way to showcase clean windows. 


About Screens:
Screens are great for those that enjoy opening windows often.  However, if you are not one of these people, like many of our customers, removing the screens will help your windows stay clean longer and improve your homes appearance.  The coarse texture of a screen will hold dirt and allow it to accumulate quickly.  During rainy weather the dirt and moister is easily blown onto the window pain.  If you have windows with and without screens, it is easily compare this difference.    


How Often Do I Need My Windows Cleaned?
Depending on location, needs, and preferences will determine how often you’ll need your windows cleaned.  Storefront customers located on a busy street range from weekly to monthly cleanings.  Homeowners tend to range from quarterly to once per year.  However, it is recommended to have exterior windows cleaned a minimum of twice per year.



“The crew kept it clean. Windows look good, and the price was right.”