Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning
Residential window cleaning is a four step process:
1.) Remove and clean screens.
2.) Clean exterior windows.
3.) Clean interior windows.
4.) Re-install screens correctly. 

Each window cleaner puts on shoe covers before entering the customer’s home when un-latching and gathering screens.  All screens are cleaned thoroughly, organized by size, and set out to dry.  Exterior windows are cleaned using a Green certified solution and detailed with lint-free towels.  Interior windows are cleaned using a fresh mixture of solution.  When cleaning inside a customer’s home, we courteously move and return all furniture, detail window sills, and readjust all window blinds.  Screens are returned to their windows in an efficient manner, and correctly latched. 


Details, Details, Details…


Exterior Windows:
Each window pane undergoes the complete window cleaning process of being thoroughly washed with our specialized solution, squeegee’d clean with streak-free results, and detailed with lint-free towels.  We use specialized window cleaning ladders that prevent markings on interior or exterior walls.  It is our pleasure for you to be our audience and our critic.


Interior Windows:
A window will not resemble true transparency without having both side of the window pane cleaned.  To ensure professionalism and cleanliness, we change out our cleaning solution, wear shoe covers, and only apply a fraction of solution to the window pane to eliminate any potential dripping.  Interior windows are also detailed with lint-free towels, leaving window sills spotless.  Over the years, our customers have taken notice and appreciated the extra time and attention for being detail oriented.  It’s the accumulation of these details that distinguishes our work from the competition.


Storm Windows:
Radiant Window Cleaning does not turn down the challenge of making old storm windows look their best.  Each Storm window set is taken out, cleaned individually, and CORRECTLY inserted back into its frame.  Many window cleaning businesses don’t clean storm windows correctly, and ignore removing the window inserts from the frame.  Taking the extra steps is what the customer demands, and Radiant Windows is here to deliver.


Window Screens:
Each screen is safely removed, and scrubbed from frame to screen, rinsed thoroughly, and set out to dry.  Every residential job begins with cleaning screens and ends with re-installing them correctly.  Re-installing screen can be similar to putting a large puzzle back together.  However, Radiant Window Cleaning has the experience and established methods so each screen returns to its matching window.


Window Sills & Tracks:
Each exterior and interior sill is wiped clean from dust, insects, mildew, and any other elements of nature.  We do not consider the window clean until you do. It has been our experience that the customer values the sill’s cleanliness as much as the window itself.  Taking these extra steps and doing the job correctly is how Radiant Windows differentiates itself from the competition.


Pricing, Estimates and Quotes:

Residential window cleaning is priced per window. Free estimates are available for residential window cleaning jobs and are most often completed same day as requested.   We are glad to provide free estimate information for budgeting purposes either over the phone or via email.  All estimates are provided in a price-range form, and should not be considered a hard quote.  Radiant Window Cleaning also offers free in-person quotes, and will show up to the jobsite on time and presentable.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to schedule your appointment.





"These guys always do a really good job. My windows are tough storm windows with many individual panes. I saw no room for improvement. . Would recommend them to anybody."


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