Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning:

Solar panels are a growing trend and are proving to be a great source for renewable energy. However, did you know DIRTY SOLAR PANELS are only 20% as efficient as clean solar panels! Dust and dirty layers obscure the visible surface, limiting light intake and lowering associated electricity production levels. It is rarely understood that just 1/7th of an ounce of dust/dirt build-up, per square-yard, can weaken a panel’s power conversion by 40%!

Clean solar panels produce more energy – therefore SAVING YOU MONEY on electricity! Solar panel manufacturers recommend regular solar panel cleaning for long-term performance and increased energy generation. Solar panel cleaning services are a necessary part of the solar panel system maintenance and most solar panel manufactures require routine cleaning to maintain your warranty.

Solar cells are protected by tempered glass or plate glass. In many cases solar panels are either roof mounted, or considerably higher off the ground, making solar panel cleaning difficult. Professional window cleaners are often asked to clean solar panels due to the similar glass surfaces and have sufficient products/equipment to ensure the best results.


Solar Panel Treatment:
Solar panel treatments, treat your panels with special biodegradable liquids that are applied, which will leave an invisible coating that repels: dust, dirt, and, air-born pollution, for a long lasting clean. Get the most energy out of your solar system, even during Mother Nature’s onslaught.

Radiant Window Cleaning Inc provides a convenient solution to your solar panel cleaning needs. We offer solar panel cleaning and treatments for both residential and commercial locations. Your free estimate is just an email or phone call away.




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